Jhatka Broiler Dress Chicken Without Skin

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Jhatka Broiler Dress Chicken Without Skin

Broiler Chicken is a female Chicken which lay eggs and used as chicken meat. Broiler Chicken Meat curry is tasty. It is inexpensive and mostly used chicken
Jhatka Broiler Dress Chicken without Skin is a chicken which is cut using Jhatka process and skin is removed while cleaning the chicken.

GetNonVeg delivers good quality Jhatka Broiler Dress Chicken Without Skin, with proper care of the cleanliness of the meat. We provide Jhatka Broiler Dress Chicken from only Jhatka cutting shops.

We provide various types of cut for our customers
1. Small Cut (Small Pieces approx 1inch for Dishes like Chicken Chilli )
2. Medium Cut (Medium Size pieces approx 2inch for making Dishes like Butter Chicken )
3. Biryani Cut (Especially for Briyani, approx 3inch pieces with legs uncut)

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